Success story of

This is a success story of an early-stage startup, which was founded in 2018 by Syed Mohammad Ahmed. is a free platform where users can list their new or used goods for selling, one thing the founder has noticed is that since the launch people worldwide have loved the brand name and solution it provides, the founder has plans to make one of the world’s top eCommerce brand where people can easily buy, sell and trade goods with a variety of shipment options, wants to be something better than the well known traditional eCommerce brands.

Since the launch, the brand has seen significant attraction with minimal exposure and organic marketing, currently, the value of listed goods in their platform as of April 2021 is $190,741,624 US Dollars ($190.741 million USD worth of listed goods), however significant part of the number comes from few ads which are very high worth priced goods and assets, not taking those ultra high-value goods into account would give $7,394,753 US Dollars ($7.394 million USD worth of listed goods). According to Syed Mohammad Ahmed, the obsolete and discontinued version of as well had a few lacs worth of goods listed but those were never fully counted or taken into account and the latest number comes only from the newer platforms.

Syed Mohammad Ahmed is planning to turn into a multi-billion dollar brand, and is optimistically looking forward to collaborating with reputable Venture Capital firms, and is still patiently observing global pandemic and business markets for finding better and suitable chances for meeting his desired goals, he is calm and sure that the global pandemic will end soon and things will go back to normal.

This startup is seeking venture capital to establish its roots in the major top countries globally, the founder Syed Mohammad Ahmed has a great concept for his brand and believes that will be a revolutionizing organization that will make anyone trade goods online and earns them a stable income.

The founder believes that in the long run if proves to be a major global competent brand in the eCommerce and digital space, providing far better products and solutions then, days are numbered before it will reach a status of not only a unicorn startup but a multi-trillion dollar business organization.

Syed Mohammad Ahmed says, is in the process of bringing a revolutionary and innovative platform as planned, an outstanding and revolutionizing concept is sorting out every day, and once the brand will receive its first initial seeding, then for sure it will start to stand out from the crowd soon, and the extra time spend in brainstorming ideas during a pandemic will make our processes and journey smoother for success in the long run.

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