Smart Monetization Concept

I have been curious why my site was getting rejected for monetization and I finally came up with a superb innovative idea that can benefit Google or any Monetization Industry and make them earn a minimum of 3.5892 Trillion dollars and more in terms of revenue with more cost-cutting and less human intervention.

We all know that the rising demand in online business has ignited a fire of innovation for all the industries in the world, currently, there are more than 1 billion websites around the globe but currently, only 3 million are using Google Adsense, we all know that even those sites deserve monetization because you never know which startup turns into big tech in the future, everyone should be given a chance.

I therefore calculated and that rest of the 997 million websites do definitely have visitors, imagine if each site is monetized and gets 100 visitors per day then how much Ad impression that will generate, we can do simple math 997000000 x 100 = 997000000000 that’s an astonishing 99.7 billion impressions per day and if we assume results for 30 days or 1 month that could be around 997000000x100x30 = 2991000000000 Impressions per month and that’s 2.991 Trillion Ads impressions.

Now that’s an amazing number so imagine we have 2.991 trillions ads impressions, but how much that many impressions accounts for revenue generated we all know that 1000 impressions alone are equal 1 to 5 USD Adsense revenue for site owners, so now imagine that 2.991 Trillion divided by 1000 equals to 2991000000, which is 2.991 billion USD Alone from impressions, now imagine the clicks we definitely know that ads inventory these days are becoming limitless, an average site may get 2% click-through rate now imagine 2% of 2.991 Trillion Ads impressions that can be something around 2991000000000 x 2 divided by 100 = 59820000000 that’s a staggering 59.8 billion dollars per month if the click-through rate is only 2 percent, we all knows that click-through rate differs and some sites may get as high as 10% and that can be around 299100000000 which is a staggering 299.1 Billion dollars per month according to my calculations, now multiply that with 12 months, 299100000000×12= 3589200000000 which is a staggering 3.5892 Trillion dollars.

How much is AdSense revenue share, according to this article, Google Earns 32% to 49%, and publishers can earn up to 51% to 68% of total revenue generated via Adsense, so according to the scenario of this concept the combined AdSense revenue share will look like this, if the 3.5892 Trillion revenue be shared among publishers and the google then it would look like this, google can earn between 1.14+T to 1.75+T Trillion Dollars, and publisher will earn about 1.83+T to 2.44+T, T stands for Trillion Dollars. In this concept, we have made the calculation, according to the google standards for exemplary reasons as google alone is the most dominant among all the Ad networks.

This is Just a Tip of an Iceberg, in this scenario, there are only 100 visitors per day at each 997 million websites, imagine if the number goes up in thousands then what will be the results, in the future there will be not 1 billion websites instead billions of websites and the number is ever-growing.

In this concept, 100 Visitors or 100 Ad impressions are for an exemplary reason as 100 Ad impression without a click makes few cents in earning for individual website owners, and in reality, websites with little marketing efforts and quality content are easily able to have returning visitors which can account for thousands of page-views and Ad impressions, there more than 1.7 billion live websites and if each given a chance for monetization will result in trillions of revenue and will fill the demand of the new wave of advertisers on the Worldwide web as there will be 100s of millions of advertisers in next 50 to 100 years.

The great thing is that every business in the world is establishing their online presence and everyone will definitely advertise online, the world population will be 8.5 billion by 2030,

There are more than 100 million companies worldwide according to different calculations check quora, There are around 32,459 listed companies worldwide according to the world bank for 2019.

We know that every business on the planet earth will transform and establish their online presence, that number is also ever-growing, this fact alone gives us a clear insight that there will be not only over 100s of million advertisers but in the future billions of people will soon advertise online something, thanks to the ever-growing internet world.

10, 20 or 30 million advertisers will only be a number, as there will be 100 million-plus advertisers in the coming 50 to 100 years, Facebook alone had 4 million advertisers just 2 years back and now they have 7 million advertisers.

Due to the predicted everlasting drastic increase in the advertisers, companies like Google, Facebook, or Microsoft, or just any other, requires a very huge network of websites and apps to fill the advertiser’s demand.

So if Google or any other search engine allows every site and apps to be monetized then that needs a very large workforce but that’s not the case in today’s world because thanks to artificial intelligence these things are becoming a piece of cake.

Is it possible to monetize 1 billion websites and Apps, YES indeed it is possible thanks to smart automation with a touch of Artificial Intelligence this can be achieved? I am therefore proposing this idea to google or any other monetization platform.

I am proposing Smart Monetization Concept with a Smart Auto Display Ads (SADA) or Auto Content Ads (ACA) System Technology, this concept proposes a Smart Monetization System that will have a Smart Ad filter which will automatically show Qualified Ads on Qualified Content, we all know sites and apps are moderated and needs to be approved but imagine if the content is being moderated instead and are automatically approved for monetization.

Machine Learning will lead us to this advanced technology which can revolutionize the Monetization system, this will also save a huge cost on the moderation process and will automatically approve not sites but the content on which the system will automatically show relevant ads according to the auto content detection.

Suppose if a site has negative content then that can be automatically detected which will lead to the final decision by the system for not showing any ads.

Thanks to machine learning and automation human will no longer need to intervene between the process of monetization, we all know that machine learning gathers data and becomes smarter, that can be used as an advantage for making an ultimate monetization platform which will dramatically give chance to all the websites and apps in the world and will also profit the monetization deliverers and everyone who wish to monetize their platform.

So what’s the takeaway in this, Smart Monetization with Smart Auto Display Ads (SADA) or Auto Content Ads (ACA) System Technology will revolutionize the monetization industry and will benefit everyone who owns a website or mobile apps or any other who are involved in online business.

The Smart Monetization technology with Smart Auto Display Ads (SADA) or Auto Content Ads (ACA) System Technology will have a Smart Ad filter which will automatically show qualified Ads on qualified content, humans will no longer intervene in the process which will create an equal standard for all hence create equal opportunity in the monetization industry.

Users will just place a single code on their site and then the system will automatically decide on if the site content is qualified for Monetization or not, currently, each site needs to be approved that makes it very difficult for billions of websites to be monetized, but thanks to the Smart Monetization Concept with Smart Auto Display Ads (SADA) or Auto Content Ads (ACA) System Technology, websites and apps will be automatically checked and scanned against the possibility of monetization.

Suppose a site has 100 pages and only 10 pages have qualified content for showing ads then it will show qualified Ads only on 10 pages and the remaining 90 pages that have content against policy will not be monetized.

We know that showing ads on billions of websites is possible and that can result in very broad marketing, we also know that doing this will not negatively cost advertisers, and doing so will only increase the advertising reach.

This is true that people just visit any kind of website no matter the volume of content, that’s why Smart Auto Display Ads (SADA) or Auto Content Ads (ACA) System Technology will just show ads on every site regardless of content volume, hence result in 100% percent monetization approvals automatically and smartly via Smart Ad Filters which will analyze the site’s or app’s content then automatically monetize the Qualified Content with Qualified Ads. The website and app’s manual Approvals will no longer be a thing.

Giving every site on the planet a great monetization tool will help them and the advertisers by super increased reach in a more astonishing way.

This will not only help sell the Ads inventory efficiently but also will support every website, app, or blog owner on the planet, by giving not only the earning tools but a monetization platform that encourages creativity and talent without limits.

Smart Monetization Concept with Smart Auto Display Ads (SADA) or Auto Content Ads (ACA) System Technology will eliminate human errors caused during the process of monetization approval, and doing so will give chance to just anyone with a blog, website, or app to monetize their platform without the need for approvals by humans who may cause bias with people of different diversities, race, and color, and will greatly get rid of workplace errors caused by human intervention.

How Smart Monetization (SM) concept is different from Google Adsense Auto Ads, the major difference is that in the Smart Monetization Concept the content of the page, website, or app is analyzed against the possibility of being qualified for showing qualified Ads and does not require human intervention or website or app approval as the system and technology will automatically approve Qualified Content for showing Qualified Ads, while at Google’s Auto Ads the Page is just analyzed for Showing Ads on different possible places within the site for which the site needs to be manually checked and approved in the first place, Google Auto Ads cares for the Ad placement while Smart Monetization Concepts cares for Qualified Ads on Qualified Content without any human intervention or website or app approval which makes Smart Monetization a far better and superior tool for mass monetization as a whole. In Smart Monetization, the user will place a single code on the website, app, or their content and then the system technology of smart monetization will match the content of the website or app against the possibility of showing Qualified Ads on Qualified Content, the website or app content will be automatically approved by the system for the possibility of being monetized which previously do not exist. The Smart Monetization Concept will revolutionize the monetization industry and will give chance to billions of websites and apps for monetization and will fill the rising and ever-growing demand of the current and new generations of advertisers.

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This article was first published at (this site) on 12 August 2020