On this page visitors can find latest investment opportunities for projects represented by Syed Mohammad Ahmed.

CarSaleApp.com Open for Investment

CarSaleApp.com wants to improve and scale its service in 100+ countries and wants to be the leader in the Automotive Trade industry. CarSaleApp.com is seeking Private Equity investment from reputed VC Firms.

HollySale.com Open for Investment

HollySale.com is seeking Private Equity Investment for operating in 100+ countries, this investment mainly includes Seed money, Product development, and Early Stage VC.

Sellpropertyfree.com Open for Investment

SellPropertyFree.com is a latest platform where Realtors can list their Properties for free. SellPropertyFree.com will be targeting various major countries and is planning to establish and grow worldwide.

Jobscaper.com Open for Investment

Jobscaper.com is a platform that brings recruiters and candidates together, human resource personnel can easily list their job opening for free and can recruit as many people they wish to. Jobscaper.com will soon be available globally.