This is a List of Course Completion Certifications Earned by Syed Mohammad Ahmed.

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  1. AI Trends
  2. AI in Business Essential Training
  3. AI in Fintech Essential Training
  4. AI in Video Production and Post
  5. Advanced AI: Transformers for NLP Using Large Language Models
  6. Applied AI for Human Resources
  7. Applied AI: Building NLP Apps with Hugging Face Transformers
  8. Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Machine Learning
  9. Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Neural Networks
  10. Artificial Intelligence for Project Managers
  11. Artificial Intelligence: How Project Managers Can Leverage AI
  12. B2B Marketing on LinkedIn
  13. Becoming a Thought Leader
  14. Becoming an AI-First Product leader
  15. Building a Cybersecurity Awareness Program: Phishing Simulations
  16. CSS for Programmers
  17. Conducting a SWOT Analysis
  18. Consulting Foundations
  19. Consulting Foundations: The Concept of Value
  20. Creating a Compelling Job Description
  21. Cybersecurity Awareness: The Internet of Things (IoT)
  22. Developing Your Team Members
  23. Digital Marketing Tools: Create a Marketing Campaign from Start to Finish
  24. Email Marketing: Strategy and Optimization
  25. Finance Foundations: Income Taxes
  26. Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  27. Generative AI for Business Leaders
  28. HR Guidelines Everyone Should Know
  29. How to Be a Better Boss
  30. Human Resources: Creating and Employee Handbook
  31. Human Resources: Leadership and Strategic Impact
  32. International SEO
  33. Launching Your Creator Business
  34. Learning No-Code AI
  35. Learning Security Frameworks
  36. Learning Troubleshooting for Web Developers
  37. Machine Learning and AI Foundations: Recommendations
  38. Marketing on LinkedIn
  39. RPA, AI, and Cognitive Tech for Leaders
  40. React.js Essential Training
  41. Responsible AI: Principles and Practical Applications
  42. Sales Strategy: using AI and Automation to Sell More
  43. Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter
  44. Strategic Negotiation
  45. Tech On the Go: Ethics in AI
  46. Tech Trends
  47. Writing a Business Report
  48. Account Management: Maintaining Relationships
  49. Advanced Business Development: Communication and Negotiation
  50. Advanced Google Ads
  51. Advanced Google Analytics
  52. Advanced PHP
  53. Advertising on YouTube
  54. Agile Project Leadership
  55. Android App Development: Enterprise Integration
  56. Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Thinking Machines
  57. Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy
  58. Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders
  59. Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity
  60. Artificial Intelligence for Marketing
  61. Augmented Reality Marketing
  62. B2B Content Marketing Strategy: SEO Writing
  63. Become a Marketing Entrepreneur
  64. Becoming a Data Entrepreneur
  65. Becoming the Manager that Your Team Wants
  66. BigCommerce Essential Training
  67. Brand Leadership: Building Brand and Culture
  68. Brand Strategy: Management of Your Brand Reputation
  69. Branding Foundations
  70. Building Your Cybersecurity Talent Pipeline
  71. Building a Superstar Brand
  72. Building an Online Portfolio
  73. Building and Auditing a Cybersecurity Program
  74. Business Analysis Foundations
  75. Business Analysis Foundations: Competencies
  76. Business Analytics: Marketing Data
  77. Business Development Foundations
  78. Business Development Foundations: Researching Marketing and Customer Needs
  79. Business Development: Strategic Planning
  80. Business Intelligence for Consultants
  81. Business Law for Managers
  82. CMO Foundations: Become an Effective CMO
  83. CSS Essential Training
  84. Canva: Web and Digital Design Projects
  85. Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers
  86. Communication Foundations
  87. Consulting Foundations: Building Your Brand
  88. Corporate Finance Foundations
  89. Corporate Finance: Robust Financial Modeling
  90. Corporate Financial Statement Analysis
  91. Creating and Managing a YouTube Channel
  92. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  93. Customer Service Foundations
  94. Customer Service: Problem-Solving and Troubleshooting
  95. Cybersecurity Awareness: Malware Explained
  96. Cybersecurity Careers: Become a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  97. Cybersecurity Foundations
  98. Cybersecurity at Work
  99. Cybersecurity for Executives
  100. Cybersecurity for Small and Medium Businesses: Essential Training
  101. Cybersecurity for Startups
  102. Cybersecurity with Cloud Computing
  103. Database Foundations: Database Management
  104. Digital Marketing Foundations
  105. Ecommerce Fundamentals
  106. Entrepreneurship Foundations
  107. Essential of Team Collaboration
  108. Ethical Hacking: Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
  109. Excel Essential Training (Microsoft 365)
  110. Excel for Corporate Finance Professionals
  111. Excel: Advanced Formulas and Functions
  112. Finance Foundations: Business Valuation
  113. Finance Foundations: Corporate Governance
  114. Finance Foundations: Risk Management
  115. Financial Modeling Foundations
  116. Financial Modeling and Forecasting Financial Statements
  117. Financing Your Business
  118. Forbes 400 Private Equity Leader Steve Klinsky (Thirty Minute Mentors)
  119. Foundations of Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  120. Foundations of Raising Capital
  121. Foundations of Working Capital Management
  122. Functional Programming with PHP
  123. Get Ready for Generative AI
  124. Google Ads Essential Training
  125. HR and Digital Transformation
  126. HR as a Business Partner
  127. HTML Essential Training
  128. How Managers Drive Extraordinary Team Performance
  129. How to Research and Write Using Generative AI Tools
  130. Human Resources Foundations
  131. Human Resources: Building a Performance Management System
  132. Human Resources: Payroll
  133. Human Resources: Selecting an HR System
  134. Human Resources: Understanding HR Systems Features and Benefits
  135. IT Security Foundations: Operating System Security
  136. IT and Cybersecurity Risk Management Essential Training
  137. Improving Your Leadership Communications
  138. Intelligent Automation Foundations
  139. Interviewing Techniques
  140. Intro to Virtual Reality (VR) Filmmaking
  141. Introduction to Prompt Engineering for Generative AI
  142. IoT Foundations: Fundamentals
  143. Jeff Weiner on Establishing a Culture and a Plan for Scaling
  144. Jeff Weiner on Leading like a CEO
  145. Lead Like a Boss
  146. Leadership Foundations
  147. Leadership: Practical Skills
  148. Leading Projects
  149. Leading Strategically
  150. Leading a Marketing Team
  151. Leading and Working in Teams
  152. Leading from the Middle
  153. Leading with Innovation
  154. Leading with Vision
  155. Leading with a Growth Mindset
  156. Learn Emotional Intelligence, the Key Determiner of Success
  157. Learning Computer Security and Internet Safety
  158. Learning Digital Business Analysis
  159. Learning Google AdSense
  160. Learning Microsoft 365 (Office 365)
  161. Learning PPC with Google Ads
  162. Learning Web Components
  163. Magento Community Edition 2 Essential Training
  164. Management Foundations
  165. Managerial Economics
  166. Managerial Finance Foundations
  167. Managing Teams
  168. Managing Your Professional Network
  169. Managing a WordPress Corporate Blog
  170. Marketing Analytics: Presenting Digital Marketing Data
  171. Marketing Analytics: Setting and Measuring KPIs
  172. Marketing Ethics
  173. Marketing Foundations
  174. Marketing Foundations: Analytics
  175. Marketing Strategy: Competitive Intelligence
  176. Marketing Strategy: SEO Content Writing
  177. Marketing Tools: Growth Marketing
  178. Marketing Tools: SEO
  179. Marketing: Conversion Rate Optimization
  180. Mastering Communications as a Leader
  181. Nano Tips for Using ChatGPT for Business with Rachel Woods
  182. Organizational Learning and Development
  183. Outlook Essential Training (Microsoft 365)
  184. PHP: Object-Oriented Programming
  185. Pair Programing with AI
  186. Pitching to Investors
  187. Practical Cybersecurity for IT Professionals
  188. Product Innovation for Product Managers
  189. Programming Foundations: APIs and Web Services
  190. Project Management Foundations
  191. Project Management Skills for Leaders
  192. Python Essential Training
  193. Revit: AR and VR Workflows
  194. SAP ERP Essential Training
  195. SEO Foundations
  196. SEO: Competitive Analysis
  197. SEO: Ecommerce Strategies
  198. Sales Strategies and Approaches in a New World of Selling
  199. Salesforce Essential Training
  200. Salesforce for Marketers
  201. Scaling Your Cybersecurity and Privacy Program
  202. Security for the SMB: Implementing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  203. Selling into Industries: Retail and Consumer Products
  204. Shaping Workplace Culture as a Manager
  205. SharePoint Online Admin Essential Training
  206. Shopify Essential Training
  207. Social Media Marketing Foundations
  208. Social Media Marketing for Small Business
  209. Social Media Marketing: Managing Online Communities
  210. Social Media Marketing: Social CRM
  211. Social Media Marketing: Strategy and Optimization
  212. Social Media Video for Business and Marketing
  213. Strategic Business Analysis Essentials
  214. Strategic Human Resources
  215. Strategic Partnerships
  216. Strategic Planning Foundations
  217. Strategic Thinking
  218. Succeeding in Web Development: Full Stack and Front End
  219. Talent Management
  220. The Changing Role of the CEO
  221. The Cybersecurity Threat Landscape
  222. The Data Science of Economics, Banking, and Finance, with Barton Poulson
  223. The Data Science of Marketing
  224. Understanding Augmented and Virtual Reality: An Introduction
  225. Unity: Building VR User Interfaces
  226. Virtual Interviewing for HR
  227. Virtual Tours: Video, Photo, and VR
  228. Web Programming Foundations
  229. What is the Metaverse?
  230. Windows 11 Essential Training
  231. WordPress Ecommerce: WooCommerce
  232. WordPress Essential Training
  233. • Office Administrator
  234. • Microsoft Office Package
  235. • AutoCAD 2D & 3D