Below are the criteria which Syed Mohammad Ahmed considers before sharing any startup news online, an article has to pass these criteria before it can be shared. You may request to share your news if it meets the below criteria.

  • No Mentioning Unconfirmed Market Valuations

On a daily basis, we see news of unconfirmed market valuations, where some third-parties and close sources have disclosed the figure, in reality, if a company is not confident to provide the factual number about their market valuation then it is not wise to share the figure that comes from close sources. It is very unfortunate to know that some successful companies do not disclose their actual figures and shy away. There is a big difference in 200 million and 210 million market valuation, therefore when numbers are mentioned in millions even a single digit mistake seems very misleading.

  • No Mentioning Rivals or Associating with other Companies.

We see news about startups on a daily basis, and the latest startups struggle with PR and Marketing, however, it does not seem fair to relate a new startup with other big corporate and call them rivals and competition for seeking leverage. Even if a new startup is able to penetrate into the same market as the successful corporates, it is unwise to call them rivals. For Example, The News about the latest food delivery startup that has raised 10 million USD and calling them rivals of an established and experienced food delivery company is not wise, as the latest startup has to struggle a lot before they mature into the market, so associating them with the market elites is like leveraging them for fake publicity stunt or creating exaggerated reputation and image.

  • No Using Informal Language

We see news about the latest startups that seem very oddly written. For example, a sleep-enhancing pillow company has snored 10 million from XYZ Capital. This type of news may seem a little creative to few, however, no one wants to share something informal with their formal network and followers. The best way to make your news shareable is to use a very ethical and professional tone. For Example, a sleep-enhancing pillow company has raised 10 million from XYZ Capital. A professional and formal tone is preferable for sharing with network or connections than an informal one.

  • No Negative Speech, Gestures, or Any Types of Criticism

We see a handful of online articles that use different types of Criticisms, such as but not limited to negative, positive, factual, or constructive, no matter what type of criticism, it is very unwise to write negative content and point out flaws and shortcomings of any organization, even if there are plenty of facts which can prove the negative side of any company, no ones likes to share negative news with their professional network, it is better to avoid such news and wait for something better.


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