Please Contact Syed Mohammad Ahmed according to the guidelines or criteria on this page.

First kindly note that, Syed Mohammad Ahmed, is an extremely anti-corrupt personality, so do not think to reach for something fishy, and don’t waste your time in thinking about it as well, he gets tons of spam and never check them.

There are different types of communication methods, and each method is described below:

Email Communication:

Please kindly include and send a very detail oriented emails containing full portfolio with complete business information, and describe your proposals with full clarifications and reasons for contact.

Example 1 – The Wrong Way of Email

Dear Syed,

I have a profitable business proposal for you, that will benefit both of us. kindly reply back for more information.

From, Mr.example1
xyz company

>The issue with this/above email and why it is not worthy a reply?

As you can see that it is missing important components of communication, there is not enough information provided that may excite receiver or make Syed Mohammad Ahmed a bit interested, there is no business information, no portfolio and no valid reason for replying, there is a big trust gap, this type of email does not build any trust, especially in the online world where you cannot trust anyone. This email is considered extremely suspicious spam and ignored.

Example 2 – The Correct Way of Email

Dear Syed, Greetings!

My name is Mr. Example2, I, work in of ABC Company as a Managing Director / Founder, it is a new startup, we are located in XYZ country/city, We deal in abc products and services, we are a new electronic trading company and looking for like minded and skilled people to work or join us, and just found you via this source, Linkedin/ We have attached our full portfolio in this email, kindly visit our website at for more information,

I, personally think that you have some specific skills that can be a great asset for us, for example, you are experienced in online ecommerce business development, and em curious if you can help us implement our online ecommerce store/presence, or provide your consultation.

After reviewing your entire portfolio, I, think we, should talk on this matter, please kindly review our business carefully, download the attached portfolios / proposals, and if you like what we do or think your skills can help us then kindly contact back to schedule a meeting or reply with any questions you have in mind.

I, am also looking forward to invite competent entrepreneurs for further considerations as a mutual partner. Hope to hear back from you. Thanks for reading my email.

From, Mr. Example2,

Phone: 00123456789
Business Operation Timing:


>Why above email is worthy a reply?

Because it carries all the essential components of communication, and because a complete information is given, and that is why it establishes trust. Another factor to look for is sending an email from Authentic Company Domain / Company Email Address. For example, if offical website of company is then official email should be and not

Phone Communication:

The following are the wrong ways to Contact Syed Mohammad Ahmed, over the phone.

Common Errors over the Phone Communication:

  • Not calling from original or official phone number
  • Dialing a number and then not confident enough to speak, waiting for the first hello, or sound.
  • After saying hello, not introducing yourself first.
  • Not immediately giving reasons for calling, after introduction.
  • No clear communication.
  • Not confirming who is on the other side, and to whom you want to talk.
  • Not giving brief information with clarity.
  • Not pitching with enough information.
  • Showing attitude, or talking on a speaker.
  • Talking with third-party applications rather than from original phone number.
  • Using Applications that can interfere with call quality.
  • Acting like the communication is private, when the call is being recorded.
  • Not sharing if the call is being recorded, as a disclaimer.

WhatsApp and Social Media Communication:

The followings are the wrong ways to communicate with Syed Mohammad Ahmed over the Whatsapp and Social Media Profiles.

  • Missing real display pictures.
  • Not providing enough reasons for contact.
  • Not giving proper introduction.
  • Not answering basic questions.
  • Showing wrong attitude.
  • Missing links to authentic profiles or business information.

For Entrepreneurs or Collaborators, or Teams of Like minded People:

To Entrepreneurs who are strongly like minded individuals and those who share the same passions as Syed Mohammad Ahmed, keep in mind you have to follow the same criteria described on this page, the following are some tips for such collaborators: incase Syed Mohammad Ahmed do not reply or response. Then:

  • Call over Phone multiple times during a day.
  • Email multiple times on all known emails.
  • Contact Social Media Profiles, multiple times.

If already got a response then avoid doing the above, unless there is something new or of an important nature.

If Syed Mohammad Ahmed, do not response or don’t pick your call then probably it means he is away or missed your call, so do not be disappointed, just try again and again until a response is shown, please do not spam contact as it is very is easy to block.

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