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Buy and Sell Stuff, Earn Cash Locally

About HollySale.com 

HollySale.com is seeking investment for operating in 100+ countries, this investment mainly includes Seed money, Product development, and Early Stage VC.

HollySale.com is a platform to buy and sell new or used stuff. HollySale users will be able to buy and sell new or used items with an option to sell items via delivery service, it will serve any individual or company who wish to sell their new or used items via HollySale mobile Apps and web portals.

It will the latest Shopping destination for the people and if they are not selling then they are buying. The platform will connect merchants and brands with local communities and will do it worldwide, it will make people’s life easy and comfortable by providing them digital tools so that they can earn extra income being a merchant for the local community or be an online shopper who wishes to explore deals.

Target Markets

HollySale target market is smart-phone and smart-device users and consists of a large customer base and it will be available via Google Play Store, IOS App Store, Windows Apps, Amazon App marketplace, Online web browsers, Smart TV Applications. A current combined Target market size is 3.5 billion and the market is expected to grow into 3.8 billion by the year 2021.

HollySale.com Mission

HollySale wants to empower and enlighten the lives of ordinary people by giving them the power and ease of being a business-driven merchant from anywhere they live.

HollySale.com Founder

Syed Mohammad Ahmed is the founder of HollySale.com, he wants HollySale.com to be the most revolutionary and top tech company that will shape people’s lives and empower them with the help of modern technology.

Connect with Ahmed

Syed Mohammad Ahmed’s Linkedin Profile- Click here

Email: ahmed@innovatorahmed.com


Twitter:  @InnovatorAhmed

Full Pitch Deck will be Shared with Interested VCs.